V-SaFE: Vitrimer-based Sustainable Flexible Electronics

Project duration: January 2023 – September 2026

This project aims to integrate thin-film electronics with vitrimers to achieve fully recyclable, environmentally-friendly, flexible systems that will enable applications in smart agriculture, wearables and biomedicine. Currently, polymeric films and elastomers are employed in the production of sophisticated and highly flexible devices. However, to advance flexible electronics technology while supporting sustainable development, additional functionalities such as repairability and recyclability are needed, without the use of highly toxic compounds or scarce resources and without compromising device performance. We aim to bridge this gap, combining large-area electronics and fully bendable and stretchable and recyclable vitrimers.

Project team:

Project partners: Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology


Joint International Project: South-Tyrol – Luxembourg